Access control in healthcare

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Protect sensitive patient data!

When it comes to IT security, the first thing that comes to mind is online attacks (hackers, script kiddies, Trojans, phishing, viruses, backdoors or exploits). The danger of unauthorized and mechanical access and misuse is often ignored. Especially for sensitive personal data such as: Medical records, patient data, insurance data, and health information are special legal protection measures (Patient Data Protection Act PDSG as well as the certification ISMS, Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to ISO 27001, the General Data Protection Regulation DSGVO) are mandatory.

The modular security system TANlock supports you by fulfilling the special protection requirements at all times, without gaps. With the TANlock modular security system, you manage and document every type of access. Unauthorized opening of the rack is prevented, logged in case of misuse and  messages are sent to your management system in real time – from any location in the world.

The TANlock can be integrated into any management system and is software-independent. Unauthorized access, such as sabotage, is immediately detected, documented and reported by our optionally available sensor technology. By investing in the TANlock security system, you meet the legal requirements and significantly guarantee the legal security standards.