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Prevent virtual theft in your company!

Digitalization enables enormous potentials of efficiency and is an important success factor in globalization. This creates ever new challenges for the security of the IT infrastructure. Direct physical access to server cabinets is usually not sufficiently secured. The potential for danger through unauthorized access and misuse is constantly present. In the worst case, valuable data of your company (ERP, CRM, PSP, QS, FiBu) is stolen, manipulated or destroyed.

With the modular security system TANlock, you are able to manage and document every type of access. Unauthorized openings of the rack are prevented, logged in case of misuse and corresponding messages are sent to your management system in real time – from any location in the world. The TANlock can be integrated into any management system and is software-independent. Unauthorized access, such as sabotage, is immediately detected, documented and reported by our optionally available sensor technology. The complex protection of your IT infrastructure starts at the rack!