Data center


Create added value for your customers!

Servers and control cabinets are the heart of your data center. This is where your sensitive data is located, as well as the critical physical points of attack for you as the operator and your colocation customers.

With the modular security system TANlock, you can manage and document every type of access. Unauthorized access of the rack are being prevented, logged in case of abuse and messages are sent to your management system in real time – from any location in the world. The TANlock can be integrated into any management system and is software-independent.

Unauthorized access, such as sabotage, is immediately detected, documented and reported by our optionally available sensor technology. Factors such as temperature, humidity, vibration measurements and smoke detection can be easily integrated via additional sensor modules.

Furthermore, as an IoT device, the TANlock represents an essential component for a secure IT infrastructure. Create more security for yourself and your customers with the TANlock!